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Sound Design Explained: What is it and How to Learn it?

sound design guide

One of the most important aspects of music production is sound design. In this article, we will explain what is sound design, why you need it, and where you can find some great resources that will help you start learning sound design.

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What is Sound Design?

Sound design is the art of creating sounds for a variety of purposes. It can be used in films, TV shows, radios, podcasts, and other forms of media to create a desired sound effect or atmosphere. Using sound design techniques will help you to create and manipulate multiple sounds to achieve a unique sound.

Why You Should Learn Sound Design?

Sound design is an important skill for anyone who wants to work in the audio industry. There are many reasons why you should learn sound design.

First, it can help you create unique and original music. If you’re a music producer, designing your own sounds can help you stand out from the others.

Moreover, sound design can help you improve the quality of your recordings. By understanding how to EQ and compress sounds, you can make your tracks sound much cleaner and professional.

Sound design is a great way to get creative and experiment in music production.

So, If you wonder how to learn sound design and you don’t know where to start – Don’t worry, we’ve listed some great resources below

Sound Design Courses

Cutting Edge Sound Design with Serum by Defazed

Serum is one of the most popular synths today for music production. With this course by Defazed you will learn in detail all the features of Serum.

PML Diva + Sound Design

U-he Diva is one of my favorite synths out there. This great course by Production Music Live will help you create your own sounds following sound design tips and techniques.

Serum Sound Design Masterclass

Another great Serum sound design course that will take you into every aspect of this VST.

>> Check out the best online music production courses that will boost your skills!

YouTube Tutorials

In The Mix

Michael Wynne (a.k.a “In The Mix”) is an audio mastering engineer with many quality tutorials on YouTube.
If you want to know how to get into sound design we recommend checking his advanced sound design tutorial:


Well, I don’t think Artlist needs an introduction. They are one of the most popular licensing platforms for filmmakers.
I really liked their sound design tutorial which is more focused on videos and SFX, but it’s still very interesting to watch.

Andrew Huang

I’ve been following Andrew for a while, he’s doing a really great job when it comes to music production tutorials.
I’d recommend checking his ‘12 sound design tricks’ tutorial:

Forums & Subreddits

Here are some great resources available for learning sound design:

KVR Sound Design Forum
EDM Production
Music Production
Sound Design Theory

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