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Best Strings Plugins & Libraries in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best Strings Plugins

Dive into the heart of music production’s soul with our exploration of the best strings plugins.
In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the best strings VSTs. Imagine orchestrating breathtaking compositions without the need for expensive studio time or live musicians.

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🔎 How to Choose the Right Orchestral String VST?

Before delving into the top contenders, let’s navigate the crucial factors shaping your choice of strings plugins. Crafting a seamless symphony requires thoughtful consideration. Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect string vst:

Seek plugins with a diverse range of features, from expressive legatos to dynamic pizzicatos. Ensure compatibility with your creative needs, whether for film scoring, classical compositions, or experimental genres.

Opt for strings plugins that provide granular control, articulations and dynamics. Look for modulation options, allowing you to shape the character of each note with precision.

Explore the variety of articulations offered, such as staccato, tremolo, and sul tasto. A comprehensive set of articulations enhances the realism and versatility of your string arrangements.

Assess the plugin’s ability to capture the subtleties of human expression. Look for features like true legato and realistic bowing techniques for an authentic sound.

Evaluate how well the plugin adapts to different musical contexts and genres. A versatile plugin should seamlessly integrate into various projects, from intimate compositions to grand orchestrations.

Best Strings Plugins & Orchestral Libraries

Embark on a melodic expedition as we unveil the best strings plugins and orchestral libraries for Kontakt. Elevate your compositions with unparalleled orchestral richness and dynamic versatility.

1. NOVO Modern Strings

Heavyocity’s NOVO Modern Strings transcends traditional orchestral libraries, embracing the future of string manipulation. Spanning 40GB of meticulously recorded samples from the iconic Eastwood Scoring Stage, NOVO marries classical grandeur with Heavyocity’s groundbreaking sound design.


Output’s ANALOG STRINGS redefines the landscape of virtual instruments for modern producers, offering a realm of strings sounds that are not just unique but also cutting-edge and artistically expressive.

ANALOG STRINGS curates the best of the best, blending a full 60-piece string orchestra, a 22-piece orchestra, and soloists from the BMC Hall in Budapest. Beyond conventional sampling, unique sounds like scratching a violin with the wrong side of the bow add an original touch.

3. Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS

Feel the power of movement and emotion as Symphonic Elements presents STRIIIINGS, a plugin designed to capture the essence of awe-inspiring string sections. This creative performance and sound design engine, crafted by UJAM, empowers musicians to effortlessly evoke poetry and sonic pleasure.

‘STRIIIINGS’ enables users to play world-class string section phrases without the need for intricate arrangement skills. Boasting a brand-new engine, it offers 60 playing styles and sound designer presets for instant creative inspiration. Recorded at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Studios and produced by Boris Salchow, STRIIIINGS promises a million-dollar sound.

4. Musio 1

Musio 1 offers an elegant, intuitive plugin that provides access to best-in-class virtual instruments for producers of all levels. Developed by Cinesamples, Musio’s diverse catalog boasts over 1,800 industry-proven virtual instruments across 80+ collections, covering orchestral, contemporary, electronic, and world music genres.

Musio 1 serves as an orchestra of orchestras, offering a mix of strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, choirs, and more. Recorded in renowned scoring stages worldwide, including the MGM Scoring Stage, the Alfred Newman Scoring Stage, and the Village in Los Angeles, Musio captures the authentic sound of world-class musicians.

5. CineStrings Core

CineStrings Core stands as a flagship orchestral strings library, recorded at the iconic MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios by the master engineer Dennis Sands.

Boasting an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface, CineStrings Core facilitates efficient writing, programming, and mixing tailored to individual preferences.

CineStrings Core includes a rich set of articulations, from non-vibrato and vibrato sustains with dynamic morphing to natural legatos, spiccato, staccato, marcato, sforzando overlay, tremolos, sul-pont tremolos, trills, pizzicato, Bartok pizz, col legno, to harmonic sustains—every articulation is finely crafted with multiple round-robin samples and dynamic layers.

6. Zilhouette Strings

Zilhouette Strings, a Kontakt library by Cinematique Instruments, presents a comprehensive collection of recorded strings, featuring 7 violins, 2 violas, 7 cellos, and 2 basses. Recorded by renowned German session and live orchestra musicians, the library captures the intimate nuances of solo and trio performances in a close setting.

Utilizing condenser and dynamic microphones such as Neumann U-87, TLM 103, Sennheiser MD421, AKG D112, and more, Zilhouette Strings delivers an intimate, natural, and catchy sound.

7. Studio Strings

Studio Strings invites you into a world of sonic richness, offering a versatile orchestral experience with four sampled string instruments — Bass, Cello, Viola, and Violin. Whether you aim to create an entire orchestra, a chamber ensemble, or feature solo instruments, Studio Strings delivers an expansive palette for your productions.

The comprehensive selection of Bass, Cello, Viola, and Violin models provides a dynamic range that empowers you to explore diverse tonalities. From the deep, resonant tones of the Bass to the highest-pitched melodies of the Violin, each instrument contributes a unique character to your compositions.

8. Vertigo Strings

Vertigo Strings is not just a virtual instrument; it’s a unique sonic canvas featuring 16 instruments. This diverse melange includes 4 violins, 1 arco viola, 2 celli, 2 upright basses, bowed guitar, psaltery, vintage harmonium, synth string patch, resampled Zilhouette Strings, tape machine re-recorded strings, and bowing noises. This collection offers a rich and organic flavor for a truly inspiring string ensemble experience.

9. Vintage Strings

Vintage Strings is a Kontakt library that transports you to the golden era of R&B, Soul, and Funk with its authentic recreation of classic violin string sections from the 1960s and 1970s.

Recorded using vintage Neumann U-87 and Royer ribbon mics, Vintage Strings replicates the iconic imperfections and intimate vibe of old Motown and Philly Soul recordings.

Featuring an easy-to-use GUI, Vintage Strings puts control at your fingertips, offering tape saturation, EQ, reverb, and harmonization options.

10. Augmented STRINGS

Arturia’s Augmented STRINGS merges high-quality string samples with cutting-edge synthesis, providing a versatile and inspiring VST for modern producers. It redefines conventional string libraries, offering authentic, abstract, and evocative string tones to elevate your compositions.

Augmented STRINGS introduces a hybrid palette that goes beyond traditional string samples, transforming them into unique and captivating sounds. With over 60 articulations, multiple mic setups, solo & ensemble performances, and four synthesis types, explore a vast spectrum of modern string textures.

Best Free String Plugins

Delve into the world of orchestral richness without breaking the bank. In this section, we’ve curated a list of the best free strings plugins. Let’s take a closer look at each of these free strings VSTs.

Orchestral Tools Layers

Layers is a free orchestral VST instrument by Orchestral Tools. It is your ticket to an expansive palette of orchestral sounds, effortlessly elevating your compositions and productions. This instrument offers a seamless blend of tonal colors and dynamics through intuitive MIDI control.

Whether you’re into soundtracks, pop, or electronic music, Layers provides a versatile tool to infuse new orchestral textures into your productions. You can use it to spark your ideas, produce sketches rapidly, or add cinematic flair to your tracks.

LABS Strings

LABS Strings, a gift from Spitfire Audio, brings the exquisite sounds of London’s top string players directly to your creative space. This free string plugin showcases the talents of fourteen skilled musicians, recorded at Spitfire HQ by engineer Harry Wilson, using a variety of microphones, including the vintage BBC AXB1.

LABS Strings doesn’t require Kontakt, it is available as a VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU plugin, ensuring compatibility with your favorite DAW.

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