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Quick Tip: Saving RAM with Kontakt Libraries

Saving RAM with Kontakt Libraries

Kontakt is one of the most popular VST plugin for music production, film scoring and more.
You can create your own instruments by sample editing and instrument building options with this powerful sampler.
Nowadays, there are many Kontakt libraries that provide top-notch sounds, although they can be quite heavy with gigabytes of samples.
With this quick tip, you can drastically reduce the RAM usage in Kontakt, so this is how it goes:

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Step 1:

Load an instrument patch to the Kontakt sampler.

For this example, I’ve loaded “Nucleus” by Audio Imperia, a beautiful orchestral library that I really like.
You can see that the Memory value is 0.64 GB.

Step 2:

After that you’ve recorded your instrument press “Purge” and then “Update Sample Pool”

Saving RAM with Kontakt Libraries - Step 2

This means that the patch will unload everything else that you didn’t use, so it will only load the notes that you need.
Therefore, instead of 0.64 GB memory using, with these easy steps I’ve saved a lot of RAM and reduced it to 44.77 MB.

Reduce Kontakt Libraries RAM - Final result

 Also you can find this mind blowing trick on our YouTube channel, hope that you found this useful 😊

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Brenton Fisher
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