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Cableguys Release 'Builds & Risers' Expansion in ShaperBox v3.3.1 Update

Cableguys Builds Risers for ShaperBoxt

Cableguys released “Builds & Risers,” an exceptional preset expansion specifically designed for their esteemed rhythmic plugin, ShaperBox 3.

For music producers seeking cutting-edge tools to enhance their productions, Cableguys’ latest release is sure to capture your creative senses. I have tested Cableguys’ ShaperBox v3.3.1 latest update and I must say – their new effects expansion is remarkable.

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Builds & Risers: Elevate Your Arrangements and Drops

The “Builds & Risers” expansion by Cableguys offers a comprehensive collection of 86 transition tools designed to breathe life into your music. Crafted by esteemed sound designers InsideInfo, Cyclick, Andi Vax, and Cableguys’ own in-house team, these presets add a touch of magic to your sounds or even the master mix.

With “Builds,” I found myself applying these presets to various elements within my tracks, listening to the sounds turns into mesmerizing build-ups.

On the other hand, “Risers” proved to be a game-changer when placed on a separate track, generating perfectly tempo-synced whooshes, swelling noise textures, and enchanting reverse cymbals.

These elements effortlessly build tension and suspense, making the sounds and the structure more interesting.

For those interested in the “Builds & Risers” expansion, it comes free when purchasing ShaperBox 3. With its comprehensive range of effects, ShaperBox 3 is already a versatile and indispensable tool for any music producer.

However, for existing ShaperBox users, the expansion can be downloaded for free by clicking the Sync button within the ShaperBox 3.3.1 interface.

ShaperBox v3.3.1: Improvements and Enhancements

Alongside the release of “Builds & Risers,” Cableguys has also rolled out the ShaperBox v3.3.1 update, which brings notable enhancements and optimizations.

Some of the key improvements include reduced CPU load through optimized General and Complex Audio Trigger algorithms. Additionally, presets are now pre-selected in the Browser upon project reopening, allowing for uninterrupted browsing.

The Pan/Haas slider in PanShaper provides clearer feedback, facilitating easier setup. Furthermore, oscilloscope waveforms remain on the screen until the LFO is triggered again, streamlining the process of editing curves to complement elements like kick drums.

The update also simplifies the operation of the triplet grid and introduces improved triplet support, allowing for true musical triplets within various timings. Lastly, minor bugs have been diligently addressed, enhancing the plugin’s overall stability.

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