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Spotify Tests Exclusive Playlists for NFT Holders

Spotify Token-Enabled Music Playlists

As music streaming services continue to grow in popularity, Spotify is testing a new feature that could change the game for artists, fans, and investors alike. The Swedish company is testing a new feature called “token-enabled” music playlists.

Spotify tests token-enabled music playlists which are a set of playlists that can only be accessed by owners of specific NFTs.
To access these exclusive playlists, users need to own those specific NFTs and then they will become a part of an exclusive group that can access the exclusive Spotify playlist. This creates a unique and personalized music experience for NFT holders.

Kingship, a metaverse band under the Universal Music Group has announced the pilot of playlists that can be unlocked through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in selected locations. Through this innovative concept, Kingship has released a unique playlist accessible solely by NFT holders of Kingship key cards.

Spotify did not share any other information on future plans but seems that Spotify is creating a new music experience that is more personalized and exclusive. This feature can also drive the adoption of NFTs in the music industry, creating a new revenue stream for artists and labels.

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