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Emvoice One Virtual Singer - The Plugin that Sings for You

Emvoice One Review

Emvoice One, an innovative vocal synthesizer, is revolutionizing the way we produce music. It uses unique technology to provide musicians and producers with a realistic singing experience. This plugin is gaining popularity among producers in the music industry, and it is not hard to see why.

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What is Emvoice One?

Emvoice One is a vocal synthesizer plugin that allows producers to create realistic singing voices with ease. It is designed to produce high-quality vocals that sound as realistic as possible.

Emvoice uses advanced algorithms to analyze and recreate human singing characteristics such as pitch, vibrato, and expression. It captures the nuances of human singing, including variations in pitch, timbre, and expression.

How Emvoice One Work?

Emvoice One is designed to be user-friendly, even for those without any music production experience. You can create realistic vocals with just a few clicks, thanks to the intuitive interface. You can adjust the vibrato and expression to create your desired vocal sound.

The plugin interface is a piano roll note editor, which allows producers to instantly make vocals simply by typing words into a text box. This process is sent to the cloud-based engine that has thousands of samples, resulting in a complete vocal that is delivered to your system via the internet.

Emvoice One Interface
Emvoice One Interface

Can Emvoice Replace Singers?

While Emvoice contains a real singer’s voice, we don’t believe they can replace actual singers. It still has some robotic tones but we do think it can serve music producers.

The plugin is helpful for producers who want to add draft lyrics to their tracks and get more interesting ideas. It can function as a backing vocalist as well, and it is great for making drafts before using a real singer.

Vocal Options

  • Keela – a female voice with a range of D2 to G4
  • Lucy – The first voice of the plugin, our personal favourite female voice with a range of E2 to A4
  • Jay – Male voice with a vocal range of E1 to C4
  • Thomas – Vocoder with a range of C0 to C5

Pros & Cons


● Easy to use
● Good for experiments
● Can be used on most popular DAWs
● Options to choose different voices
● Option to record any MIDI data
● Free demo


● Some tones feel a bit robotic/not realistic
● The demo is limited to seven notes



Female Voice
$ 69 one-time payment
  • Vocal Range - D2 to G4


Female Voice
$ 59 one-time payment
  • Vocal Range - E2 to A4


Male Voice
$ 59 one-time payment
  • Vocal Range - E1 to C4


$ 39 one-time payment
  • Vocal Range - C0 to C5

Emvoice Examples


Overall, the Emvoice One plugin is an interesting vocal synthesizer that offers a new level of creativity. Emvoice differentiates itself from other comparable plugins by using recorded singers rather than attempting to synthesize the human voice.

We recommend trying out the demo to see if it meets your needs, and if so, consider purchasing the full version to take advantage of its full range of features.

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