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Best FabFilter Plugins for Mixing & Mastering in 2023

Best FabFilter Plugins

At KnowsAudio, we understand that music production requires high-quality plugins to achieve the best possible sound.
FabFilter is a leading audio software company that has been producing high-quality plugins for over two decades, and their plugins have become essential tools for many producers in the industry.

In this guide, we will share some of the best FabFilter plugins for mixing and mastering. These plugins are known for their precision, versatility, and innovative features that enable users to achieve the desired results with ease. Whether you’re looking for a powerful equalizer, a transparent limiter, or a versatile filter plugin, we’ve got you covered.

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Top 10 FabFilter Plugins

FabFilter Pro-Q 3
FabFilter Pro-Q 3
EQBuy Here
FabFilter Pro-C 2
FabFilter Pro-C 2

CompressorBuy Here
FabFilter Pro-L 2
FabFilter Pro-L 2
LimiterBuy Here
FabFilter Pro-MB
FabFilter Pro-MB
CompressorBuy Here
FabFilter Pro-R
FabFilter Pro-R
ReverbBuy Here
FabFilter Pro-DS
FabFilter Pro-DS
De-EsserBuy Here
FabFilter Saturn 2
FabFilter Saturn 2
DistortionBuy Here
FabFilter Pro-G
FabFilter Pro-G
GateBuy Here
FabFilter Volcano 3
FabFilter Volcano 3
FilterBuy Here

Best FabFilter Plugins - A Closer Look

Let’s dive into our top picks for FabFilter plugins which can help you add warmth and character to your tracks, improve the clarity of your mix, and refine your final masters.

Pro-Q 3

The FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is one of the most advanced equalizer plugins on the market. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it a go-to tool for many music producers.

With its high-quality filters and flexible EQ matching, the Pro-Q 3 allows you to achieve precise and transparent sound shaping. It also has an intelligent solo mode that enables you to quickly identify and fix problem frequencies.

Pro-C 2

The FabFilter Pro-C 2 is an outstanding compressor plugin that provides precise and transparent compression. With its intuitive interface and versatile features, it is an excellent tool for both mixing and mastering.
The Pro-C 2 also has an expert mode that allows you to fine-tune the compression settings to achieve the perfect sound.

Pro-L 2

The FabFilter Pro-L 2 is an excellent limiter plugin that offers transparent limiting and loudness metering. Its true peak limiting and extensive loudness metering options make it a must-have tool for mastering engineers.

With its intuitive interface and flexible settings, the Pro-L 2 allows you to achieve maximum loudness without sacrificing sound quality.


The FabFilter Pro-R is a professional reverb plugin that offers a natural and musical sound. With its innovative user interface and advanced algorithms, the Pro-R allows you to create realistic and immersive spaces. It also has a Decay Rate EQ that enables you to shape the reverb’s decay time to suit your needs.


The FabFilter Pro-MB is a powerful multiband compressor plugin that offers precise and transparent dynamic processing. With its advanced side-chain options and intelligent interface, it is an excellent plugin for mastering and mixing. The Pro-MB also has a solo mode that allows you to hear individual bands and fine-tune their settings.


The FabFilter Pro-DS is a highly effective de-esser plugin that provides transparent and precise processing. Its advanced algorithms and flexible settings make it a must-have tool for vocal processing. The Pro-DS also has an innovative range setting that enables you to focus the de-essing on specific frequency ranges.


The FabFilter Pro-G is an excellent gate plugin that offers precise and transparent noise gating. Its versatile side-chain options and advanced metering make it an essential tool for noise reduction and dynamic processing. The Pro-G also has an intelligent interface that enables you to achieve the perfect gate settings quickly.

Saturn 2

The FabFilter Saturn 2 is an excellent distortion and saturation plugin that provides a wide range of sounds. With its innovative multiband approach and versatile modulation options, the Saturn 2 allows you to add warmth, crunch, and distortion to your tracks. It also has an intuitive interface that enables you to create complex distortion sounds quickly.

Volcano 3

The FabFilter Volcano 3 is a versatile filter plugin that provides many filtering options. With its unique interface and advanced modulation capabilities, you can create complex filter sweeps and modulations. It also has a comprehensive envelope follower that enables you to create dynamic filter effects.

Twin 3

The FabFilter Twin 3 is a new powerful synthesizer plugin that provides a wide range of sounds. You can create rich and complex sounds with its versatile oscillator section and intuitive modulation capabilities. It also has a comprehensive effects section that includes distortion, chorus, and delay.


The FabFilter Simplon is a simple yet powerful filter plugin that provides high-quality sound filtering capabilities. With its intuitive interface and unique “cut-off slope” feature, you can create precise filtering effects. It also has a versatile modulation section that enables you to create dynamic filter effects.

FAQs About FabFilter Plugins

FabFilter offers several plugin bundles that cater to different needs and budgets. The FabFilter Pro Bundle includes all of their plugins and is ideal for professionals who need a comprehensive set of tools for audio production.
The FabFilter Mixing Bundle is a more affordable option that includes the essential mixing plugins, while the FabFilter Mastering Bundle is focused on mastering and includes the necessary plugins for this task. Ultimately, the bundle you choose will depend on your specific needs and budget.

FabFilter typically has sales around major holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They also occasionally have flash sales throughout the year, which are announced on their website and social media channels.

FabFilter is considered one of the best audio plugin manufacturers in the industry due to its high-quality sound processing, intuitive user interfaces, and innovative features. Their plugins are designed to provide users with precise control over sound shaping, mixing, and mastering, making them an essential tool for many audio professionals.

To update your FabFilter plugins, simply download and install the latest version of the plugins from the FabFilter website. You can also check for updates automatically on their plugins.

To install FabFilter plugins, download the installer from the FabFilter website and follow their instructions. Make sure to select the correct installation location for your DAW. Once installed, the plugins should appear in your DAW’s plugin list.

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