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What is a Bitcrusher? (Top 5 Bitcrusher Plugins 2024)

what is a bitcrusher

Bitcrushing is a process that takes the digital representation of an audio signal and resampling it to a lower bit depth.
If you’re looking for an easy way to add some extra character to your tracks, a Bitcrusher is a great option.
In this article, we will explain what is a Bitcrusher and how to use it. We’ve also covered the best Bitcrusher plugins below.

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What is a Bitcrusher?

A Bitcrusher is a digital audio effect that reduces the quality of a signal by lowering its bit depth and sample rate.
Essentially, it “crushes” the bits of the audio signal, resulting in a distorted, lo-fi sound.
This process results in a distortion of the waveform and a reduction in the high frequencies.

How to use Bitcrusher?

The Bitcrusher effect can be used on any type of audio signal, including vocals, drums, bass, pianos, guitars and more. The effect is most commonly used in electronic music but can be used in any genre.

Bitcrushers are often used in combination with other effects, such as delay and reverb to add dimension and texture to a sound without making it too abrasive or harsh.

Quick Tip 🔎: Try to add Bitcrusher to your drums, it can create some very unique and interesting sounds.

5 Best Bitcrusher Plugins

If you’re looking for a Bitcrusher plugin for your DAW, we’ve picked the top 5 Bitcrusher plugins out there:


CrushShaper by Cableguys is an easy-to-use Bitcrusher plugin that allows you to make crunchy rhythmic grooves, Lo-fi melodies, upfront vocal sounds and more.
CrushShape can be used also on their famous ShaperBox plugin.

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RC-20 Retro Color

Bitcrushing is not the main purpose of RC-20 Retro Color but we do love this great plugin because of its warm feeling of a vintage recording.
Except for their great Bitcrusher, you can find also a noise generator, Wobble & Flutter, Saturation & Distortion and Reverb.

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Decimort 2

From making drums sound like retro video games, to turning analog synths into digital noise boxes, Decimort 2 is a great tool for designing your sound.
Decimal 2 has a high-quality processing path that guarantees the best possible results.

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A great tool for distortion lovers by Melda Production. This plugin comes with 6-frequency bands that allow you a better control over your bitcrushing process.

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If you’re looking for a simple bit crusher plugin and a quality one, BITCRUSH by Kilohearts is the right choice for you.
With only 7 parameters this plugin can create crunchy distorting effects & lo-fi sound sources quite easily.

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